Welcome to SPOMET

The company “SPOMET” was established in 1990 as a family business that has transformed over time into a large factory with an international reach. Nowadays we produce excellent cookies, baked according to old, traditional recipes in a modern plant in Bielsko-Biała. We specialize in delicious biscuits and sweets well-known all around the world. Our daily biscuit's production is 50 tons, which gives 1100 tons a month, produced on 5 furnaces, by a team of 300 well-trained, multinational workers. Every year we introduce new products or brands to our offer: recently brands: Reese's, Hershey, Thorthons, and this year Bergen Stuffed Cookies: excellent chocolate chip cookies with various fillings.

We supply our products to biggest trade chains, wholesalers, and also to direct sellers both in our brand and in private labels. A large part of our production is exported to EU countries, as well as worldwide markets. According to Company’s strategy we are constantly searching for new markets for our products and establish new relations with partners all around the world.